by Hester Browne

March 2006
ISBN: 1-4165-1492-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books

Melissa Rommey-Jones has just been let go from her job. Now what is she going to do? While out of town with some friends, she learns her etiquette teacher runs a company which hires out girls to wealthy men as companions. She quickly finds out it is actually an escort business. She quickly leaves that line of work. She thinks she can open her own business, just not an escort one.

Melissa decides to open a business which caters to men who are not so great in social situations. To protect her father, who is in Parliament, she wears a blonde wig, and uses the name Honey as her cover. She becomes menís dates, she helps one gentlemen break up with his girlfriend, and sometimes she is hired to be their girlfriends.

When her biggest client comes along, he hires her to be his girlfriend. Jonathan is transferred to the company where Melissa was let go. Was this truly going to work for Melissa? Their relationship becomes complicated when Melissa realizes she has fallen for Jonathan. She believes he has fallen for her also, but is it Melissa he loves, or is it Honey, her alter ego he is attracted to?

This was a deliciously funny book. Melissa was an interesting character. She had style, charm, and a great gift in helping men get through any social situation thrown at them. Even though Iím not a big fan of chick lit, The Little Lady Agency kept me interested. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Pat.

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