by Karen Whiddon

November 2005
ISBN: 0-505-52641-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Carly Roberts was used to conflict. She was widowed and alone on a ranch she’d rather not have in a town where the citizens would rather she not reside. But Carly felt obligated to make it work. She believed herself responsible for her husband’s passing and as penance she stayed on at the crumbling one-horse ranch. No one around her lifted a finger to help, but at least they hadn’t thrown fireballs at her.

What began as a normal day ended up being something out of the movies - a man absorbing a fireball meant for her was not an every day occurrence. When Carly dreamed of prince charming a fae claiming to be protecting her from an evil Warlord was not exactly what she’d had in mind. Soon her life was turned upside down. She didn’t want to believe Alrick, but the fire ants and her truck exploding left her little choice. Carly must relinquish grasp of her perception of reality and give magic a chance.

Prince Alrick was meant to be the next king of Rune. In order to accomplish that, however, he had a quest to complete. Saving Rune, saving the world, from an evil Warlord was no small feat and Alrick wasn’t quite sure how he would carry it out he just knew it had to be done. In the future Carly would give birth to a son who would be the key to keeping their worlds safe. The Warlord was making it his goal to make sure that never happened. Alrick would do whatever it took to make sure it did.

In this classic good vs evil story, author Karen Whiddon uses her own brand of enchantment in Lone Star Magic. Regrettably, readers may come away disappointed with this latest offering by Whiddon. The lush detail for which this author is known for is not up to par with her previous novels. Don’t be surprised to see a familiar story line in Lone Star Magic. I do hope the next novel will be a return to Whiddon’s illustrious style.

Now, why does the phrase – “I’ll be back” come to mind?

Reviewed in March 2006 by Rho.

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