by Stobie Piel

November 2005
ISBN: 0-505-52650-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Woodlands of Amrodel

Raised and trained together by the wise old Mage Madawc, Lady Eliana Daere and powerful warrior Mage Damir ap Kora are fierce rivals. Eliana, who has earned the nickname of “The Fiend" for all of the nasty spells she has cast over the years on Damir, has brewed a special potion to administer unknowingly to Damir under the guise of a wine of truce. Eliana's elixir is a concoction that will rob the victim of their memory. Sensing a trick, Damir switches goblets with Eliana and it is her memory that is erased.

Damir has never trusted the underhanded Eliana, who of late has been allegedly conspiring with the enemy of their people, the barbaric Norsk raiders. Eliana's beauty has haunted Damir over the years, making their relationship “complicated”. Here is the perfect opportunity for Damir to seek vengeance on the now amnesia-afflicted Eliana. Damir tells Eliana that he is her “husband” and takes her back to his cottage. To teach the treacherous Eliana a lesson, Damir decides instead of sorcery, he will use a well crafted seduction that will finally make Eliana admit that it has been desire, not loathing she has felt for Damir all of the years that they have been at odds. A strange brew has thrown these two adversaries together and compels them to join forces. They must journey together to distant hostile lands to fight the enemies that threaten the peaceful existence of their kingdom, and along the way awaken the love they never knew existed within their hearts.

An imaginative fantasy world is conjured up by Stobie Piel with her latest sensual romantic saga Strange Brews. Damir ap Kora is every girl’s dream of a darkly handsome, sensitive and driven hero, and Eliana shows that underneath a witch’s tough skin beats the heart of a kind, loving, and honorable heroine. Great chemistry is brewed up in Strange Brews both in the bedroom and out, you will love this magical treat!

Reviewed in December 2005 by Bonnie.

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