by Rebecca Anderson

April 2002
ISBN: 1-893896-62-5
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Jachin, Boaz and Lilith are triplets with magical powers born in the world of Avalon. Their mother sensing they are in danger, brings them to earth and then vanishes. They are separated and raised by different people never knowing their true beginnings or the existance of their siblings.

Boaz, along with her best friend Angela Dawn, goes to visit her Aunt Marrion. Marrion tells Boaz the truth about her birth and they soon convince Jachin of the truth also.

Jachin and Angela have met before although they don't realize it because it was in each other's dreams. The two soon begin to fall in love.

Jachin and Boaz must travel to Avalon to rescue their sister Lilith who is being held captive by an evil wizard. This sets in motion the ancient prophecy of the Triad. The triplets must use their powers to reset the balance of good and evil in the world. If they fail all worlds will be plunged into darkness forever.

Angela is used by the evil forces to try and stop the triplets mission to reset the balance of the universe. They hope that Jachin's love for Angela will prevent him from fulfilling his role in the prophecy and send the world forever into darkness.

Rebecca Anderson has created a breathtaking complex novel with Wizard's Moon. The complex layered story line is really hard to describe in a few short paragraphs and I am not sure I have done it justice.

Ms. Anderson has created her own magical world in Avalon. A true fairy world of wizards, dragons, magic and love. She has thrown in the age old battle of good verses evil to boot.

Readers of fantasy type romance have found another new author whose stories they can look forward to. Ms Anderson has at least two more opportunities to visit Avalon as we would love the stories of Boaz and Lilith to transport us back to this magical make believe world as the remaining triplets find their true loves.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Barbara.

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