by Bronwyn Jameson

July 2002
ISBN: 0-373-76452-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1452
Mass Market Paperback

Bronwyn Jameson’s Zane: The Wild One is the first in a four book series set in Plenty, Australia. And with it she has created once more a story that left me breathless, laughing and embracing its characters.

In its great opening scene – something I now associate with Bronwyn’s work – Julia Goodwin, Plenty’s Good Girl, finds herself with a damaged car and at the mercy of Bad Boy Zane O’Sullivan. He is back in town! Only for a short visit to help out the local mechanic, but long enough to tempt just any Good Girl. As Julia's housemate’s brother he is not only from the wrong side of town, but also the guy that sends her senses soaring. Senses picking up a sexual tension which once ignited burns through the chapters to a very satisfying ending.

Divorced and hurt by her ex’s newfound happiness Julia needs a change. With a new hairdo she sets out to find a man. And who better to fill the position than Zane. After all he dared her to join him for a drink at the Lion…

Julia wants it all, a family and a home. She wants a baby to love her unconditionally. A love she wouldn’t have to question, a love she could trust. So when a night of passion with Zane results in her pregnancy she not only decides to keep and love the child but also sets out to teach Zane that it is the respect and support of a loving partner not a place that provides the sense of home and belonging he is craving and searching for.

In Plenty Bronwyn Jameson creates a small community, which is populated by lovable and memorable characters, who she describes with a comfortable understanding and a great love for their personalities and their surroundings. A Place that I can’t wait to return too.

Add to this touching, passionate and humorous tale a pierced belly button, a tattoo, nosy neighbors and a very sexy slow dance and you have a perfect start to a very promising and much anticipated series.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Kris Alice.

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