by Kimberly Cates

January 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77051-0
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Trade Paperback

Deirdre McDaniel spent most of her childhood feeling like she never quite fit in. With her mother now gone, Deirdre and her daughter are left to dig through her motherís hope chest which has been passed down from mother to daughter for several generations. Expecting the normal array of treasured linens and glassware, Deirdre is shocked to discover a family secret that will shake her already fragile world.

Luckily for Deirdre, she already knows a good private investigator even if he is low on her list of favorite people. The thing is Jake Stone has no interest in helping her. As usual sparks fly when Jake and Deirdre are within a hundred feet of each other. Yet after hearing her story, Jake knows he canít refuse this woman anything. Perhaps by helping Deirdre discover who she is, he can have his own chance of happiness in her arms.

Readers will quickly immerse themselves in the mystery surrounding Deirdreís search for her birth father. Cates has created two main characters with souls damaged by their past. Itís nearly impossible not to wish that this unlikely pair will discover their chance at happiness is right in front of them. Fans who read last yearís Picket Fence will get another glimpse into the lives of Cade McDaniel and his growing family.

Readers who love Barbara Freethyís earlier works will gain the same feelings after reading Kimberly Cates stories.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Shelby.

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