by Shelley Bradley

August 2006
ISBN: 0-425-21109-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

When the Feds come looking for someone to go undercover to nail a Mafia kingpin, Mark Sullivan steps up to the plate. His assignment, to infiltrate himself into their midst and squeeze out who has been laundering money. The catch, the business in question is a strip club for women. Mark would have to audition to be one of their strip dancers, gain the trust of the owner and somehow get into the club’s computer system. But first, he has to convince the club’s owner that he’s a pro at stripping.

Nicola DiStefano is a headstrong business woman who knows how to turn a profit and be successful. As for pleasure, well she’s been out of the loop for so long, even watching these beautiful, hunks of manliness strip for her doesn’t do anything to stir her embers. What is wrong with her? Here are these gorgeous men, auditioning to strip in her club and she doesn’t find any of them the least bit attractive.

In steps Mark to audition and all of her inhibitions fly out the window. Now here is a guy who can stir those sexual yearning that she’s put on the back burner for so long. When Mark sees that he is auditioning for a beautiful, sexy woman, he really pulls out the stops and dances his heart out (just use your imagination…it was a HOT dance!) When he gets the job, he thinks everything will fall into place, but soon he discovers that he and Nicki have more in common than hot chemistry. The mob is closing in and he needs to act fast to find out who’s behind the criminal activities and using Nicki’s place as a front, before both of their lives are in danger.

Hot, Sexy, Steamy and Fun...that's Shelley Bradley all over!! Shelley Bradley is starting to make a name for herself in the erotica market and with good reason. Her stories are HOT, HOT, HOT!!! The characters are very well written, the plot is fast paced and never boring and the sex is incredible. Mark and Nicki are perfect for each other, both are headstrong and know what they want and will do whatever they can to get it. The secondary characters are also well written and you’ll never know ‘who done it’ till the very end…I was very surprised!

This is a great book for your summer reading and one of my top picks! Enjoy!!

Reviewed in June 2006 by Debbie.

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