by Anthology

January 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-1085-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Trade Paperback

What better way to recover from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season than to curl up with a new book? Theresa Alan, Holly Chamberlain, Marcia Evanick, and Lisa Plumley have teamed together to give readers a new anthology entitled, I Shaved My Legs For This?

Each of the stories features a young woman searching for love. In each story the heroine finds her potential soul mate through a blind date. The exception to this is Lisa Plumley’s story, Just Jennifer.

Jennifer is searching for herself. She thinks that if she goes on thirty blind dates in thirty days she’ll find her true self in the type of man she’s attracted to. For each different type of man she’s going to meet she dresses and does her make up to fit a personality that she thinks will bond with that particular man. What Jennifer finds isn’t true love, or even who she is. She finds who she isn’t and that her best friend’s brother might be her true love after all. Who would have thought that by looking right under your own nose you would find everything you were trying to search for far from your comfortable life?

My personal favorite story was the one by Marcia Evanick. Marcia Evanick’s contribution is entitled Love Is Like A Box of Chocolates. Evanick’s heroine is named Judith. She is an emergency room nurse whose coworker is trying to set her up with her brother. Judith, who also has not had good blind date experiences, has done everything she can think of to not go out with Hugh. After a date with a hunky firefighter doesn’t turn out the way she thought it should Judith reluctantly agrees to not exactly a blind date with Hugh, but a double date with her coworker and her live in boyfriend.

The double date ends up being cancelled, and turns into what Judith fears more than almost anything…the dreaded blind date! Judith who is house-sitting her sister-in-law’s vast menagerie has insisted on a casual date so she doesn’t have to go home for something more dressy. Again, Judith and Hugh’s date doesn’t turn out as it should, but isn’t the disaster that Judith had anticipated.

When the door closes on their first date it opens on the potential for a long term relationship.

Theresa Alan’s contribution, Love Is Blind (Or At Least Nearsighted) had me holding in the laughter. It was enough of a tease of her writing to make me have to check out her backlist.

Holly Chamberlain’s story Cleo Barnes Worst Blind Date Ever was the longest story in the anthology. Cleo is a bumbling heroine, and one would like to feel sorry for her, but she’s a little hard to like. When she finally turns herself around readers want to cheer and say thank goodness she finally can see the forest through the trees!

I like anthologies. They give me a chance to read short stories by favorite authors and to try out new authors with little risk. I enjoyed I Shaved My Legs For This? and I will be looking for future titles by all the authors involved.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Sandi.

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