by Danielle Steel

November 2005
ISBN: 0-385-33827-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Delacorte Press

Danielle Steel’s newest hardback book will hit shelves just in time for the hectic holiday season. Her newest venture is not your average book. It’s far from your typical romance and neither is the book about women’s issues. This time around you’ll meet three very different men, each wounded in some form or another. The men have forged a friendship that few are lucky to find.

Charlie Harrington has blue blood running through his veins. He makes a career out of carefully handling his late families’ fortune and helping worthy projects through his work as a philanthropist. Although he most definitely is a member of the bachelors group he has always dreamed of having a picture prefect marriage. The only problem is no woman is perfect. Just as any of his relationships grow serious Charlie finds a flaw and politely steps away.

Adam Weiss is a lawyer for the rich and famous. He once thought he’d grabbed the brass ring and found his soul mate. Unfortunately it was his heart that was broken as his wife left with their two children to marry their doctor. His heart is now pure stone. He chooses much younger women for a few nights of pleasure and then walks away. He has no regrets however as he always makes it clear that he’s not the marrying type.

Gray Hawk is a starving artist who exists in his own world unless his two best friends pry him away from the easel. Gray’s childhood was far from perfect and he avoids children like the plague. He has no desire to ruin any child’s life. He has however had his share of women over the years. Always allowing the most emotionally scarred women into his life where he attempts to repair the damage done to them. It seems once the women get on their feet they always walk away from him.

Each year the three friends spend the month of August aboard Charlie’s personal yacht recouping and resting from the real world. Life couldn’t get any better, could it?

It is at one of their nightly ventures into town during their yearly trip that Gray meets a woman as immersed in the art world as he is. The one thing she isn’t is needy. The two form a quick friendship which upon their return to New York turns into something so much more.

Just as his friends start to feel threatened by Gray’s relationship they too end up meeting women who will change their lives. Now all three men are left adjusting to the drastic changes taking place in their lives. Are they willing to bend the rules in order to take a chance on love?

I quickly became attached to each character in Toxic Bachelors. Each carries a suitcase of emotional baggage, which eventually impacts not only their relationships but also their outlook on life. After I finished gobbling up my copy of this book I was quickly left wondering how many copies to buy for holiday gifts.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Shelby.

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