by Francis Ray, Maryann Reid, Renee Luke

January 2006
ISBN: 0-451-21749-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Trade Paperback

In A Chocolate Affair by Francis Ray, some things have changed for Miranda Collins since college and some things have stayed the same. Her fear of trusting men, for instance. That fear had destroyed her relationship with Lucian Faulkner III while they were still in college. Now, he was back in her life and wanting a second chance. Was she secure enough in her new life to give Lucian and herself another chance at love?

Ms. Ray delivers a believable romance with strong characters. Miranda must find the inner strength and trust herself in order to be with Lucian. Lucian, who has already reached that point, must now rely on patient love while Miranda catches up.

A Good Man is Hard to Count has Savannah hiding her insecurities behind an uncompromising attitude that extended to the bedroom. To say she had control issues was an understatement.

After a bad experience, Savannah decided she would be the player. To help her keep track of her men she kept a jar of sour sticks in her kitchen. Each man in her life was assigned a color and when that specific color of sour sticks grew numerous Savannah knew it was time to say goodbye. It may not have been the best system in the world, but it worked for her...until Clinton.

I didn’t like Savannah when I started this novella. She was cold and impersonal. Ms. Reid didn’t leave her that way, fortunately she took the reader along to watch Savannah grow into a real heroine we can all relate with.

Renee Luke’s debut Chocolate Kisses is a romantic sweet story with enough spice added to it to make this one hot read. Nicole’s best friend Marcus was moving and she knew it was now or never to act on feelings she’d been hiding. To her delight, Marcus was more than willing to oblige Nicole. But would they be ready when the time came to say goodbye?

Ms. Luke has written a charming tale, which will have readers as addicted to her as we are to that delectable treat from which her story is named.

The best thing about the Chocolate Kisses anthology is that each author succeeded in creating satisfyingly full erotic stories in a short amount of space.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Rho.