by Beth Kendrick

January 2006
ISBN: 0-7434-9959-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Downtown Press
Trade Paperback

Fans of emotional, humorous and well written chick lit stories have another winner in Beth Kendrick’s latest story, Fashionably Late.

Becca Davis needs some changes in her life. When her boyfriend of five years proposes, Becca sees her hopes and dreams of becoming a fashion designer disintegrating into thin air. He’s got a ten year plan and it does not include haute couture. But it’s the buying of a plot of land that sends Becca scurrying to Los Angeles, putting her engagement on hold, and finally making time for her own dreams.

Becca soon comes to find that Los Angeles has a whole set of problems all on its own including a pregnant older sister, finicky fashion designers, standing on her feet for long hours as a hostess at her new job, and, wonders of all wonders, dealing with lust at first sight (while on a break from her boyfriend). Will Becca make it or break it in L.A. or will she discover something even more important in her quest for fashion fame?

Beth Kendrick’s witty prose writing style had me hooked during the entire story, which is saying something, as I didn’t especially like Becca when the story began. However, as her character unraveled and then redeveloped throughout the course of the story, I found myself warming up and cheering Becca on. She’s a determined woman but yet she’s scared of life and the many opportunities awaiting her. I really enjoyed how Ms. Kendrick explored Becca’s potential in various scenarios, from working as a hostess, to dealing with her sister’s new marriage and pregnancy, from meeting a guy who doesn’t have a ten year plan but makes her blood sing, and from finding fame, only to crash and burn. Becca had to grow a backbone to survive and that made the story really interesting and a pleasure to read. Nobody likes a cowardly protagonist, but I have to say, despite my initial worries, this was not a problem for Becca.

You’ll smile, you’ll laugh, and you’ll groan and giggle when Becca makes her debut in Los Angeles. This is a story about dreams and the hard work that goes along with achieving them. Beth Kendrick mixes a good combination of reality and fantastic Los Angeles magic to make Fashionably Late a fun adventure for all readers.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Sarah.

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