by Candice Proctor

June 2002
ISBN: 0-345-44717-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Ivy Books
Mass Market Paperback

Midnight Confession is my first Candice Proctor book.

Set in New Orleans during the Civil War, a period in history which as a European I know not that much about. I was a little wary only to be pleasantly surprised by an intricately woven tale of an intriguing historical murder mystery and a hauntingly beautiful romance.

In Emmanuelle de Beauvais, Candice Proctor created a strong and courageous character - a woman hiding more than her passionate nature. So when Emmanuelle, loyal to the Confederacy and recently widowed, witnesses her friend’s murder - an act that might have been directed at her – she finds herself as a likely suspect and under investigation by the enemy. Zachary Cooper, a Yankee and provost marshal in charge of the murder investigations, is not only a danger to her in suspecting her of the crime, but also in threatening to unravel the secrets and lies that protect her and her son.

Emmanuelle is a strong and very capable woman devoted to the cause of helping the injured and sick. Her only weakness is her long buried hope of love and respect for herself and her dreams and ambitions. But when several more people close to her are found dead and the only man able to lend her a strong shoulder and give her a sense of peace is Zach, she surrenders to a passion that is hot, sensual and dangerous - and a love that is strong enough to overcome secrets, lies and murder.

And just as Zach is seduced by Emmanuelle’s strength and hidden passion, I found myself lured to Candice Proctor’s strong and compelling voice. Enthralled by the lush and very detailed descriptions of a mysterious, dangerous and very passionate New Orleans and its inhabitants, I not only devoured the story but also believed myself to be experiencing it with all my senses.

Midnight Confession is intense, very well researched, seductive and deeply satisfying. It might be my first Candice Proctor book, but definitely not my last!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Kris Alice.

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