by Janet Dailey

October 2005
ISBN: 0-8217-7919-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Letís Be Jolly by Janet Dailey combines two of her previously released titles in one new package. For new fans this collection provides a wonderful opportunity to get back titles that might be otherwise unavailable. Long time fans search your book lists, or your memory banks to see if youíve read these stories before buying.

Northern Magic is a shorter story which could be read in one sitting. Shannon Hayes is flying to Alaska to meet her long time fiancť, Rick Farris. She expects him to meet her at the airport as he has sent her a ticket. Shannon is also expecting a wedding to happen shortly upon her arrival in Alaska.

The flight to Alaska is smooth, but unfortunately for Shannon thatís the last thing that is going smoothly. Rick is not at the airport when Shannon arrives, and it becomes her singular mission to track him down.

Luckily for Shannon she meets Cody Steele. Cody is an experienced bush pilot who also owns his own company. He has contacts which might lead Shannon to what happened to Rick. However Cody doesnít help Shannon simply because heís a good guy. He helps her because heís attracted to her, and wants to woo her away from Rick fair and square.

In Northern Magic the description of Alaska had me wanting to pack my bags and have a grand Alaskan adventure for myself. I truly enjoyed this short tale. It was just the right length for a read to reward myself with for a job well done.

The second story is Bride of the Delta Queen. Selena Merrick is a ministerís daughter who is enjoying a vacation in New Orleans. She was supposed to take this trip with her good friend Robin. Unfortunately Robin had to cancel, and Selena has decided to go on her own.

She is enjoying the sights and sounds of New Orleans when she is pushed and almost falls into a strangerís lap. This incident also brings her to the attention of a group of rather boisterous business men who mistake her for a hooker. At first Selena plays along, and thinks nothing of it.

Later in the hallway of her hotel she again runs into the mysterious stranger, and he having overheard her chatter of earlier believes she is in the hotel on business. Selena doesnít take immediate steps to correct his assumptions of her, and this puts her in a rather dangerous predicament.

Many months later Selenaís path again crosses with the mysterious strangerís. This time she is on a riverboat cruise, and he is determined to get what he never got the first time they met. Will Chance Barkley believe Selenaís story?

Again the description of the riverboat cruise makes me want to pack my bags, and head out. Thereís also a delightful secondary character whose behavior will make the romantic in you remember your first love.

Letís Be Jolly has a Christmas theme title, but I do believe the stories included are stories that will be enjoyed no matter what time of the year they are read.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Sandi.

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