by Rebecca Anderson

December 2000
ISBN: 1-893896-16-1
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With the approach of the new millennium, Wishmaker's International is in real danger of vanishing forever. Wishmaker's has been granting wishes for decades but in the new computer age business had been down and and the power of the organization is at an all time low. Unless the wish of the chosen client is granted by midnight on New Year's eve, the organization will disappear. The Good Witch chosen for the assignment is Mirabelle Saintly.

The client is one Eileen Pringle. To say Eileen is going to be a challenged is a big understatement. Eileen is a beauty who hides herself behind a too tight bun, unbecoming glasses and extremely baggy clothes. She is what you might know as a computer nerd and a klutz to boot. For years Eileen has thought her boss, Brock Van Buren, her one true love.

Bad luck has been following Eileen these past few months like the ever present storm cloud. Her beloved father has recently passed away leaving a will that appears to have disinherited her. Her stepmother has kicked her out of the family home. Her stepsister Alyssa is chasing Brock (who seems to want to be caught!) and last but not least, her fellow employee, Daniel Collins, does everything in his power to irritate the heck out of her.

Daniel Collins is really an undercover FBI agent sent to Wincomp, a software company that Brock owns and where Eileen is employed, to try and figure out who is hacking into government files from the Wincomp offices. Daniel needs Eileen's computer knowledge to help him with his assignment. Oh and one more thing - according to Mirabelle's research, Daniel is Eileen's true love.

Boy, does Mirabelle have her work cut out for her! Can she convince these two people to open their eyes and really see each other before the clock strikes midnight and is nothing more that a pile of shredded glass? Come along on this wild adventure and find out!

Ok I admit it - I am a sucker for a good fairy tale. I loved Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and all the rest as a child and this has carried over into my adult life.

Rebecca Anderson has created a 21st century fairy tale that is truly magical and will have you believing that wishes can come true. This book has all the elements of the childhood fairy tale - the evil stepmother and stepsister, the princess in hiding, the good witch and, of course, the ever important handsome prince.

Ms Anderson has gone a step further and added a great deal of comedic scenes to this book and some of the things Eileen gets into had me laughing out loud! I fell for Daniel from his first appearence and wonder what Eileen ever saw in Brock!

I hope Ms Anderson has some additional glimpses of Wishmaker's International to share with us. I, for one, don't want the magic to end and hope to revisit for another magical tale.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Barbara.

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