by Melanie George

February 2006
ISBN: 0-7434-4275-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Scottish Highlands

From the moment Lord Derek Hardwick spotted lovely Lady Rosalyn Carmichael across the crowded ballroom floor, he was besotted. Knowing he needed to return soon to his family home in the Scottish highlands and take his rightful place as his clan’s laird, Derek could not leave Rosalyn to the fiendish clutches of her conniving stepbrother, Calder. Calder’s plot was to kidnap Rosalyn, force her to marry him, and then conveniently eliminate her so as he could claim the inheritance he thought was rightfully his! Convincing Rosalyn that the only way she would be safe would be to journey with him to his remote castle, Derek takes Rosalyn under his protection. Now Derek just needs to keep her safe from one more thing, his own desire for her!

Lady Rosalyn Carmichael has no one to safeguard her. Her family is all dead with the exception of evil Calder who will stop at nothing to gain what he wants! Putting aside her growing love for the dashing Laird Derek, Rosalyn decides that she will ask Derek to take her as his mistress for the short time they will be together. Derek is betrothed to a rival laird's sister in order to keep peace. If being with Derek means giving him only her love and nothing more then Rosalyn will do so just to have Derek for the time she can!

Melanie George continues her successful Pleasure Seekers series with The Highlander’s Stolen Bride. Fans of the previous books, The Pleasure Seekers and Naughty or Nice will definitely want to read this story, other readers will find it a little scattered. The villain does not show up until the very end, and the comeuppance we want to see wrecked upon him is short and not sweet. Derek and Rosalyn obviously want each other and have at it, many times. Rosalyn a gently bred virginal lady wanting to make herself into a lord's mistress (and fantasizing about it)is a bit unbelievable for the time period for which Lady Rosalyn is a part of. I found myself more interested in Derek's half-brother, Ethan, then in Derek himself. (Should tell you a bit how I felt about this story). Rosalyn’s “secret” as to why she refuses to commit is not revealed to Derek until the last pages and gives us an unfinished feeling.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Bonnie.

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