by Keri Arthur

February 2006
ISBN: 0-553-80458-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam

Seven days before the full moon and Riley Jenson wants nothing better than to spend her next nights and days in a passionate frenzy with her werewolf mates. But first she needs to find her missing twin brother Rhoan. The twins are a rare breed, half vampire and half werewolf and work for the Directorate of Other Races in Melbourne, Australia, where they help protect humans from the criminal and dangerous members of the nonhuman races.

Riley enjoys sex and danger. She gets both when one of her werewolf mates tries to impregnate her without her consent and another provides her with information he shouldnít have access to. But real danger comes from her new sidekick, a very sexy and very rich vampire only too happy to help her satisfy her cravings for blood and sex.

Full Moon Rising is the first book in a new paranormal series. Itís sexy and exhilarating with characters that revel in their sexuality and take it any time and any way they can get it. Fans of Keri Arthur will be relived to know that she once more delivers a sensual and violent story. Its provocative and edgy with enough heat to scorch the paper its written on. Itís a pleasure to see that within a genre that is getting crowded with uninspired and repetitive stories it is still possible for this author to create a unique and very strong heroine. For those who like Anita and Elena the kick-ass and sensual Riley is worth a loud and satisfied howl. With books two and three already written and number four in the works this will be a series to keep its readers hooked emotionally and sexually.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Kris Alice.

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