by Madeline Hunter

March 2006
ISBN: 0-553-58731-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

When Charlotte, the widowed Baroness Mardenford, visits the lawyer Nathaniel Knightridge at his apartment to request his support for her campaign to reform women’s rights she is not welcome. However, she is not thrown out but kissed thoroughly and nearly ruined...again. Just a month earlier Charlotte attended a scandalous party in disguise and there Nathaniel seduced her for the first time. Charlotte doesn’t regret the experience, but tries to stay out of his way. They are not exactly friends, and she doesn’t want him to suspect her for his mystery woman. He of course finds her out and sets out to seduce her once more. A not so easy task, as Nathaniel is investigating Charlotte's family in a delicate matter that could ruin their time together, their friendship, trust and passionate loving.

Whereas Lord of Sin disappointed, Lady of Sin enthrals, seduces and satisfies. The author’s beautiful language and the rich storytelling are evident in every sentence, every page. The small details that allow to not only read about her world but experience it, and the characters full of integrity and strength, make this honest and tender love story an exceptional one. The hero and heroine’s respect and love for each other, the caring and understanding they display, to see them explore their strong emotions, how they not to rush into an affair no matter how passionate the feelings, that and more is what readers will cherish about this book. Madeline Hunter’s Historicals are special, because they allow for good storytelling, intelligent characters and strong emotions. “Lady of Sin” is Madeline Hunter at her best.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Kris Alice.

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