by Anna Jeffrey

January 2006
ISBN: 0-451-21737-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Agua Dulce, Texas

In the middle of the hot desert of West Texas stands Agua Dulce, (Sweet Water) not much of a town with just a handful of oddball citizens, nevertheless home to Marisa Rutherford. Marisa had left Agua Dulce for a while to pursue her dream as a culinary chef, which didn't quite turn out as planned. Now that Mama is ailing with Alzheimer’s disease, Marisa has returned to take care of her and to run her mother’s café/flea market, Pecos Belle's. When news arrives that the town has been sold on eBay to a ruthless high roller developer, Agua Dulce’s residents turn to Marisa as their chosen leader to help them in their plight. Marisa at first wants nothing to do with the tumult of the town; her own problems are mounting by the minute. The building that houses Pecos Belle's Café and Emporium is part of the sale, as well as the mobile home that she and Mama share. However, these people are more then just Marisa’s neighbors, they are her “family” and she must fight right along with them to make this cutthroat aware of how he is stealing not only their home, but also their livelihoods!

Real estate mogul Terry Ledger knows a good deal and purchasing the isolated town of Agua Dulce could lead to his biggest success yet! Terry’s plans for the town are to develop it with his ranch style homes and put in a major focal point for tourists. What he does not count on is the eccentric lot of misfits that comprise Agua Dulce’s population. Terry cannot discount Marisa Rutherford either, her feisty demeanor and sexy overall package makes Terry’s blood boil in more ways then one! One thing that both Terry and Marisa did not plan on was the attraction that each feels for the other and the major impact it could have on not only their lives but also all the people of Sweet Water.

Scorching heat in the Texas desert is not as hot as Anna Jeffrey’s Sweet Water! A great cast of kooky, yet endearing characters, combined with a riveting romance that will have you panting at the same time as Marisa and Terry, Sweet Water is a fine breath of good clean Texas air!

Reviewed in December 2005 by Bonnie.

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