by Linda Winstead Jones

January 2006
ISBN: 0-425-2028-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

The emotional wealth that lies within a woman does not change when powered by spells and wizardry. Love is no more or no less, it is just that, love. It can create kingdoms and bare fruit, but it can also destroy and corrupt. Behold the magical writing of...The Star Witch!

A boy will grow into a warrior destined to become the Prince of Swords. Trained by a wizard, Lucan has honed his mind and body to master his emotions and the elements around him. He is truly one with his mighty sword! But, he will have to find the Star of Bacwyr, before he can become the Prince of Swords.

It is in this journey to find the Star of Bacwyr that Lucan finds himself taken with the presence of Isadora. She shines with an inner beauty he cannot resist. A woman he does not realize is a witch! Lucan was warned as a young boy to beware of witches. What will happen when these two unite? Is Isadora a good witch or has darkness overtaken her soul?

The Star Witch is the newest release by author Linda Winstead Jones. This is the third book in the trilogy, following in the footsteps of The Moon Witch and The Sun Witch. Ms. Jones wielded the magic in her pen and flung it to the winds, landing back upon the pages, creating a spellbinding story of magical lovers! The premise is so fresh; the angels in heaven might even weep. How refreshing! In a field saturated with middle of the road paranormal novels, this one commands respect and she has this reader’s wholeheartedly. The characters are filled with emotional realism and fortitude. It is not enough that this book is exciting to read, but when you cast in an erotic presence – it kicks this tale up to a fever pitch. It is obvious this author put her heart and soul into each and every word.

This book is so well written, it could easily be a stand alone, but from the first page you will be heading out to get the rest of this trilogy.

Isadora is the oldest of the Fyne sisters. A curse has robbed this family of love for three hundred years. It has touched her life by taking her husband, Willym. She has vowed to never love another man like she loved Willym. Isadora is now a prisoner and she is caring for a pampered queen whose husband is cruel and deviant. From the moment she looks upon Lucan her body responds to the sensual creature that he is. His handsome exterior hides the predator and warrior that lurks close to the surface waiting to strike! Yet, when he takes Isadora it is calculated – overtaking her with patience and passion!

The Star Witch is one of the best paranormal novels this reviewer has read this year! This is the type of love story that will mark the reader’s souls and stay with them long after the book has closed. There is a lingering essence of a sequel. This reviewer cannot wait for Ms. Jones to pick up the threads to weave another crafted tale of arousing and mystical love. Ms. Jones truly is the mistress of magical wordplay! Do not think or hesitate, just buy! The Star Witch by author Linda Winstead Jones.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Janalee.

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