by Carly Phillips

June 2001
ISBN: 0-373-25936-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #836
Mass Market Paperback

Juliette Stanton is known as the “Runaway Bride” because at the last minute she called off her wedding and left the church. Her twin sister, Gillian, sent her on a weeks reprieve from all the reporters wanting to know why she ran. Being a Senator’s daughter has always kept them in the spotlight, and being dubbed the “Runaway Bride” really put Juliette in the spotlight. Gillian filled out the paperwork for Juliette, stating exactly what Juliette needed - which was to feel desirable, pampered and to be put before another person's own desires. Juliette needed to be able to rely on her own instincts and believe in herself once again.

Doug Houston, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, is after the story of Juliette’s ex-fiancée, Stuart Barnes, with his connections to the Mob. Doug wrote an article about the connections of the Mob and Stuart Barnes, but it had to be retracted, ruining his reputation. Doug decides, after reading Gillian's words, to do anything he can to be the man for Juliettes’ fantasy.

Juliette and Doug are attracted to each other from the minute they spot each other across the lobby of the resort. They spend their days with each other, Doug doing everything he can to put Juliette before his own needs and the story, and feeling guilty about the real reason he is there with her. But he is falling in love with her and knows he will have to confess soon to her about who he is. Juliette too is starting to feel desirable and fall in love with Doug.

Juliette must somehow overcome her hurt at discovering Doug's secret of being a reporter, and expose Stuart Barnes without connecting him to her dad, Senator Stanton.

Secret Fantasy is just that, a secret even the hero and heroine did not know they desired. The sexual tension caused sparks to fly between Juliette and Doug all the way through from the lobby until the very end. Ms. Phillips was able to give us an enjoyable read and take us away for a little while to an island of white sand, sexual tension and fantasy. We also meet Merrilee and we learn a little bit more about her. She works to help other people’s fantasy’s come true because she was not able to follow her own.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Pam.

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