by Gennita Low

January 2006
ISBN: 0-06-059124-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Not so sure about the title for this novel, but the story is great. Gennita Low’s conclusion to her thrilling SEAL trilogy is all that one can hope for.

Reed Vincenzios is to go undercover in the Balkans, get in touch with Lily Noretski and take off her a top-secret weapon. No big deal if it weren’t for Lily being a sleeper. Trained to be the ultimate weapon, always ready to strike and willing to die. Only recently she was deactivated and knowing of the danger of going under again, Lily takes steps to prevent another trance. Reed approaches her as a gunrunner, willing to help her and a group of girls she rescued from local brothels for a price. Getting to know Lily, Reed realizes that keeping her save is worth any price, even if her trust is hard to earn.

Gennita Low has created in Lily and Reed two very complex and beautiful characters. No gimmicky sex scenes are needed to show their attraction and the growing love and trust. The hero shines and the heroine is once more one drawn in shades of grey (Already with her first heroine, Marlena Maxwell, in Into Danger Gennita Low proved that she is a master at it). There are more interesting characters introduced. Characters that will hopefully get their stories with the author’s upcoming releases with a new publisher. Alex and Tess beg to have their story told. With plenty of surprises and lots of action it definitely is necessary to have read Gennita Low previous novel The Hunter to understand all of Sleeping With the Enemy. However, together the two books are exceptional. Sleeping With the Enemy is very emotional and intense. Not a stand-alone title, but one belonging to an exhilarating series and as such a keeper!

Reviewed in February 2006 by Kris Alice.

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