by Margo Maguire

January 2006
ISBN: 0-06-083714-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Lady Isabel Louvet has come home to Castle Kettwyck to choose a groom. Her night of celebration quickly turns to terror when Scottish warriors storm the castle and take her captive, along with Sir Roger, her prospective groom, and Anvrai d’Arques, a strong knight. One week later, Isabel makes a bold move and kills the Scottish leader in order to help their escape.

Thus begins their trek through Scotland back to England. Isabel led a sheltered and safe life in an abbey. The terrors the Scottish inflicted on her are only the beginning of the horrors she has to face. However, she quickly learns that with Anvrai by her side, both she and Roger have a fighting chance of surviving. Anvrai is a powerful warrior who fought at the side of King William. He knows it would be much easier to just leave Isabel and Roger behind, but the noble part of him can’t do that. As they make their journey back to Kettwyck, Anvrai and Isabel take charge of the situation, helping each other, and falling in love.

Anvrai knows he is not good enough for Isabel. Because of his past, he knows he cannot ever take a wife for fear that he will be unable to protect her. Added to that is the disfigurement on his face. At first, Isabel can’t see past Anvrai’s outward appearance, but as she soon comes to realize, his disfigured face is hiding a pure and noble heart, a heart worthy of any woman. As the journey becomes more perilous and new dangers creep up, both Anvrai and Isabel work together to ensure that they have a fighting chance of survival. But can their love hold up when Anvrai is so dead set against giving them a chance?

The Bride Hunt is a phenomenal medieval romance! Margo Maguire has created two strong and admirable characters. Isabel may seem like the typical lady of the manor at first, but she quickly proves that when push comes to shove, she can hold her own with the best of any knight. Though often scared and worried, she is still willing to do what it takes to endure. Anvrai is truly the kind of knight troubadours sang about. He is kindhearted, tough, strong, and unafraid. However, he also longs for a family and a wife, a chance to be an ordinary man and not just a fighting machine. These qualities make him the ideal mate for the stalwart Isabel.

The Bride Hunt is an exciting medieval adventure that will surely leave you longing for your own knight in shining armor. Margo Maguire’s tale of dangerous adventure, intrigue, deadly villains, and a tender love is sure to earn a special place on your bookshelf.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Sarah.

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