by Karen Ranney

January 2006
ISBN: 0-06-075743-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Beatrice Sinclair's life is changed forever when a cholera epidemic takes the life of her parents and everyone else she loved. Forced to live from position to position, Beatrice finally finds herself the governess to a terrified nine year old boy who thinks that someone is trying to kill him. Though never having had children, Beatrice's maternal instincts take over and she soon becomes teacher and protector and takes Castle Crannoch like a general on a battlefield, with as much nerve and courage she can muster.

Devlen Gordon is the cousin to young Robert Gordon, the twelfth Duke of Brechin. Robert may be only nine years old, but to Devlen he was the little brother he never had and he cares a great deal for the boy. If Robert says that someone means him harm, Develen is prone to believe him. When he meets Miss Beatrice Sinclair, he knows that she will have her hands full training Robert in manners and decorum fitting that of a Duke. What he doesn't know is that lurking at the castle is a danger not even he is aware of and will soon consume the entire household. Will he be able to save them all and win Beatrice for his own?

Karen Ranney brings us another wonderful tale of romance and danger. This Scottish-set historical has many gothic undertones that will keep happy those readers who like a little 'ghoul' to their romances. At times, the story seems very dark in its content, with the plot and mystery surrounding the danger to the Duke permeating every aspect of the storyline. Devlen may not have been named for the Devil, but with his dark, brooding looks and his sensual smile, he may as well be. Baatrice is well out of her league with the people at Castle Crannoch, but she perseveres and finds the courage to help the young Duke and save him and herself from the dangers lurking at every corner.

This is a real page turner that has an "I just can't put this book down" feeling. An Unlikely Governess is sure to be a story for your keeper shelf!

Reviewed in March 2006 by Debbie.

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