by Kasey Michaels

November 2005
ISBN: 0-373-77059-6
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Mass Market Paperback

What would you do if your eccentric, but well-meaning uncle decided to leave you his big old Victorian house, (aptly named Shangri-la), complete with its wild paint job, pink flamingo lawn ornaments, and motion detector frogs that line the driveway? All you would have to do according to the terms of the will, is stay put in the house along with your very sexy ex-fiancé, and make sure your uncle’s beloved cat, Lucky, is well taken care of for one month, because if anything happens to Lucky during those thirty days everything goes to your uncle’s estranged half brother. Not to mention the Frau Blucher look-a-like housekeeper that has a mad on at you when it is revealed that after thirty years of service to the old coot both in and out of the bedroom has left her with nothing close to what she thought she would get! This is the catch-22 facing Darcie Reed and her former intended, Cameron Pierce in order to inherit Shangri-La.

Darcie’s Uncle Horry meant well when he made his video will, thinking this was a sure fire way to get the two misguided love birds back together. Unfortunately, Horry did not count on his premature death in bed with his housekeeper Lily. His wonderous Lily-pad who all of a sudden isn't the woman he thought her to be! Threatening his Lucky, being very inhospitable to Darci and Cameron, and throwing away his prized toys! Hanging around as a ghost to make sure his niece and her former lover protect his precious Lucky, Horry has to come up with some solution that will guard Lucky’s now-in-peril life, and get Darcie and Cam back where they belong, in each other’s arms while they are Stuck in Shangri-la!

Got a craving for a screwball comedy with a little paranormal high jinks thrown in? Try Kasey Michaels newest sure to be bestseller, Stuck in Shangri-La. There are several sidesplitting moments, courtesy of Kasey Michael’s clever imagination. Incorporating Lucky the cat as the only one who can see and hear Horry’s ghost adds for some good comic relief in a story that otherwise might have been lackluster. The usual suspects are wrought through the book giving us the mystery suspense of a whodunit. However, the romance of Darcie and Cameron gets lost in the shuffle, and takes a back seat to a cat and ghost duo who steal the show!

Reviewed in November 2005 by Bonnie.

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