by Kay Layton Sisk

ISBN: 1-58697-400-9
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David White is having a bad day—and it seems to be because of a woman who is traveling the same flight he is on. Disapproving and a bit contemptuous of the bedraggled, but pretty, woman—he is ready to believe the worst of her. Until he meets the same woman, cleaned up in a bar. Surprised at her attitude and charm, David starts to thaw towards the woman and now has trouble getting her off his mind. At a time when he is to be interviewed for a new job, this is the time when he needs to keep his mind on business.

Megan O’Toole, vice president of the WOTS-New-Now supply chain stores, should have waited for her original flight, but what’s done is done. She’s not surprised when things start going wrong…especially when the suite reservations get mixed up and when she happens to be sitting next to the rude man from the flight, at the bar. Letting bygones be bygones, they have dinner together and suddenly, her mind isn’t on the business at hand, instead of thinking about the interview she has set up for a prospective executive, all she can think of is the man she has just met. Amidst a bevy of relatives and not knowing who the other person really is…can these two people get to know one another better, before the truth of who they really are tears them apart?

Constant, and sometimes confusing, point of view changes slowed the story down as did the author’s inability to clearly state the lead characters jobs and how they pertained to each other, at least in the first few chapters. While those instances were sometimes maddening, the story and the relationships between the characters were fun enough to keep me interested. The author sets up the story so that it becomes a bit predictable, but with great secondary characters, I didn’t mind too much.

A Suite Deal is a cute contemporary story that I think would have been better had the format been a little longer and more involved. The romance while hurried because of the length restraint, still was believable and sweet and ultimately made the story worth reading. For a fun and fast read, you can’t go wrong with A Suite Deal.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Thea.

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