by Janet Chapman

October 2005
ISBN: 0-7434-8632-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

From the moment Winter MacKeage lays eyes on Pine Creek newcomer Matt Gregor, she knows big changes are about to happen in her life. His handsome face and sexy manner certainly make him stand out, but it is his request of Winter that really has her intrigued. Matt wants Winter to help him select the spot for the new house that he is building on Bear Mountain. He also commissions her to paint a picture of his future home.

When Matt Gregor lays eyes on Winter in her gallery, his response is immediate and sudden. He wants her. But Matt has a hidden agenda of his own, and Winter is about to play a starring role in it.

As Winter gets to know Matt more intimately on their excursions on Bear Mountain, she comes to care very deeply for him. Finally it seems that loveís arrow has hit Winter square in the heart. But a dark force is working against Winter, against Father Pendaar, the aged wizard who brought Winterís father forward in time, and against mankind itself. The legacy that Winter has never known about is about to be revealed in a big way. Will Winter be ready for what is to come, or will she instead choose a different path?

Only With A Highlander is the story of the seventh daughter of Laird Greylen MacKeage, the time traveling warrior from Janet Chapmanís first novel, Charming the Highlander. Phenomenal and heartfelt are two words that describe this tale to a T. Winterís story is a pure joy to read because she is a soul that cares very deeply for everyone she comes into contact with. When she discovers what Providence has in store for her, she is scared out of her wits, but she is also resilient and able to pick up the pieces of shattered dreams to make something new, and hopefully, better. She is the kind of heroine the reader roots for from the very beginning of the story. There are also some wonderful bits of humor interlaced in this story that keep the emotions from becoming too sentimental or maudlin.

Matt is a dynamic hero with many different faces. The reader wonít know quite what to think of him at first, but donít worry, Janet Chapman has some wonderful things in store for her latest hero. It is was a true pleasure watching Matt fall in love with Winter and watching him change from an embittered warrior to a man who embraces all of lifeís pleasures.

You wonít be disappointed with Only With a Highlander. The only thing that may be a bit for confusing for new readers is all the secondary characters Ms. Chapman brings back in this story, which tends to bog down some parts of the plot, but otherwise, this is a smooth story with an intricate mythology and an ending that will leave you with a dropped jaw at its unexpected twist.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Sarah.

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