by Michelle Rowen

January 2006
ISBN: 0-446-61700-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Before a blind date you might want to ask, is he a vampire? Your first clue could be if he bites you then leaves without spending a dime for your dinner – what a cheap screw! Now, take it from me if he does this you’ll see, he has made a new woman of you. If you get a quick urge to bite and splurge, you need to checkout your teeth. If they are longer than normal do not panic or scream, you might turn into the neighborhood fiend. Look at it this way: You’ll never grow old, things on your body will not droop or fold; hell you’ve got made in the shade! Get it, shade – vampires? Oh. Just forget it…

Sarah Dearly thinks she has had a bad date, hell that will be the least of her worries. She has been turned into a vampire, which she is totally ignoring. It all must be a bad dream, right? Wrong! Now her sire is dead (that would be her bad date) and then, a hunky guy, yet another vampire--who by the way is trying to commit suicide when Sarah runs across him--saves her life. When Sarah finally gets it through her pretty little head that she really is a vampire, she must seek out a tanning-salon to help her learn and understand what being a vampire is all about. Yep, you heard me right, a tanning-salon. But, you know nothing is ever what it seems. So, follow me and let’s see what is in-store for Sarah.

Sarah is no wilting wallflower. She seems to take things in stride--well, kind of. One starts to wonder if it is true what they say about blondes being dumb? Oh. Wait. Sarah is not blonde – bad reviewer, slapping hand. You have to love a gal who looks at drinking blood as substance abuse. Will Sarah ever get the hang of being a vampire? Can this really be happening to her?! Yep, girl friend, you are now part of the walking dead! Whatever happened to plain, old, simple, bad hair days? The heck with that; do vampire get to have sex?

Bitten & Smitten is the newest release by author Michelle Rowen. This new author nailed her first published book right out of the paranormal starting gate! What an absolutely hilarious vampire book. Ms. Rowen’s voice is infused with a wit that could cut steel, and a pen that whipped this story into a winning paranormal novel! Ms. Rowen has Sarah spouting off throughout this story like a seasoned pro. The dialogues between the characters will leave you giggling and blushing, either that, or gasping for breathes from laughing so darn hard. Any way you look at it, Bitten & Smitten is a kick butt book!

If you like authors MaryJanice Davidson and Charlaine Harris, then you will definitely want to snag a copy of this new book by author Michelle Rowen! This book will tickle your funny bone, while totally entertaining you! This is the funniest vampire/paranormal novel this reviewer has ever read!

Reviewed in December 2005 by Janalee.

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