by Liz Carlyle

January 2006
ISBN: 0-7434-9611-7
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Mass Market Paperback

One little lie can be overlooked, but two little lies will land you in this book!

Viviana Alessandri is an up and coming opera star. Her dark, Italian beauty and angelic voice is no match against the force of a love-stricken young rake, the Earl of Wynwood. Even with Viviana as his mistress, it is still not enough for Wynwood. In the end Viviana will leave Wynwood and return home to another man.

Nearly a decade later

Viviana has returned to England, this time a widow with three children. Wynwood has also changed. He is finally getting ready to announce his betrothal and leave his hedonistic lifestyle in hopes of a happy marriage. When these two come face to face, memories will erupt and their lives will be turned upside down; with lies, exposed emotions, and explosive passions. Nothing will ever be the same for either of them!

Two Little Lies is the newest release by author Liz Carlyle. This book is the second in the Sins, Lies, and Secrets Trilogy. Ms. Carlyle has penned a naughty little historical that will raise eyebrows - heating up the pages with tingles of erotic fervor, adventure, and poignant meanings. Ms. Carlyle has truly classed herself amongst the great authors in the historical genre arena. In Two Little Lies, Ms. Carlyle strips her characters down to bare bones, only to build them back up with flesh and blood. Creating a place right along side them for the readers to experience their lives as one. This book is uniquely definitive and pulled together tightly. It keeps the pace clear and brisk.

Viviana is a sensually fiery spirit in her innocent youth. Wynwood woos and overcomes her objections of becoming his mistress. Their passions are heady and soul consuming – gripping them within its embrace. When Viviana flees England for home, she takes with her a piece of Wynwood’s heart and soul. Time might have changed these two, but some things will never change: like their fierce passions, and angered feelings toward each other. Upon Viviana’s return to England, a chain reaction will start that seizes two lonely hearts, exposing raw nerves and tangled emotions. Lies will be uncovered, and tortured feelings will come to a head. Can Wynwood and Viviana ever forgive and go on, or will the exposure be too much?

Too all the fans of Ms. Carlyle, this book will induct you into a world of the elegant bygones and sensuous desires. Reminding us of the happy-ever-after that a good historical romance book evokes. Read Two Little Lies, fall under the spell of lovers exposed!

Reviewed in December 2005 by Janalee.

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