by Shauna Michaels

April 2002
ISBN: 1-893896-76-5
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Trade Paperback

Shauna Michaels has a wonderful writing talent that shows in every genre she writes, and her paranormal romance Dream Snatcher is the best to date! It’s a fast paced read journeying into the world of psychic abilities and delving into the mysterious, ‘so-much-still-unknown- about’ brain. Ms. Michaels has taken a fantastic plot, a very sensual love story with unforgettable characters and turned it into one of the best books the paranormal romance genre has so far! The very first page starts off with an erotic interlude --- and you’re unable to put the book down after that!

Anna Stanfield is a professor of psychology at a university in Lexington, Kentucky. When her sister Sandra is found in a coma for unexplained medical reasons, Anna is deeply troubled to realize that it coincides with the return of psychic abilities she’s kept buried inside her for so long. When she meets Ian MacGregory, an FBI agent researching the case and who tells her he’s working on ‘hunches’, Anna refuses to believe in anything that’s not logical. She doesn’t want to accept or work with her own abilities because of tragic childhood memories associated with it.

Ian MacGregory has secrets - ones he can’t tell Anna even though he realizes he needs her help to catch the killer. Also known as ‘Hawk’ to his people, the Cintarians, he’s been hunting the psychic vampire of his race known as the ‘Cameleon’ for centuries. When Sandra is attacked by the Cameleon and left for dead, Ian discovers that psychic abilities run strong in her family; it’s just a matter of time before the Cameleon comes after Anna for the strong life force she has. Protecting her is as important as protecting his people from the human race ever discovering their existence.

Anna and Ian agree to work together to find the Cameleon. The sexual tension between them is strong, electric, intimate, and both have reasons for fighting the chemistry. For Ian, as a Cintarian, it’s forbidded. For Anna, it’s not welcomed or logical. With time running short, Ian teaches Anna to hone her psychic abilities and better manage them in lessons that are just as sensual as it is necessary, and brings them closer together mentally as well as physically. Their inevitable coming together is all-too consuming for them both.

When the Cameleon starts striking again, Ian is forced to follow his trail. Events start happening fast and furious, cumulating in an all-out battle between good and evil.

Ms. Michaels’ writing is vivid and very descriptive, keeping the reader ‘right there’ with the characters as the story progresses. Ian and Anna’s love is deeply sensual in emotional, physical and supernatural ways, leaving the reader to sigh with longing - glad to know that such feelings really do exist, even if it is in fiction!

This is a highly recommended book for lovers of the paranormal romance - a definite keeper that will be read many more times!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Kari.

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