by Susan Spencer Paul

December 2005
ISBN: 0-312-93388-6
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Tucked away in the wild Welsh countryside, Castle Tylluan stands, home to a branch of the magical Seymour family. Baron Tylluan, along with his twin sons, Kian and Dyfed, protect their people from harm and keep their land safe. When Kian takes over as the head of the household, no one is alarmed. He is a powerful wizard who is destined to be the next Dewin Mawr, the most powerful member of the entire Seymour line.

Somewhat of a wild young man, Kian learned the hard way that magic should not be used to make a situation easier. Ten years ago, on a trip to London, Kian had found his mate, Loris, his unoliaeth, and rescued her from a brutal man. As punishment for using his magic, the Guardians have set a blood curse on Kian and Loris. Kianís touch brings Loris physical pain. Thus they have not been able to act on their attraction, and in fact, Loris thinks that it is not even real. All she knows is that Kian irritates her, and drives her crazy with his insistence that she is his soul mate.

When a strange creature begins killing the animals around Castle Tylluan, the villagers seek Kianís help. He vows to stop the killing, and works tirelessly to find the answer. Meanwhile, Loris is struggling with her own personal problem. A member of her family has been found and she has to return to London to meet him. She never wanted to set foot in that wicked city again, and longs to stay at Tylluan, where she is in charge of the entire household. Kian convinces her that he will feel better if she is somewhere safe, and that she owes it to herself to see if this man really is her grandfather.

Touch of Passion has brought readers back to a more magical Britain, the one we met in the first book, Touch of Night. There are many familiar faces, both good and evil, in this suspenseful novel. The character development, especially of Loris, is excellent, and readers will come to love her and agonize over her decisions. Her outward strength hides a mass of insecurity from her childhood, and she must come to terms with herself before she can move forward. Kian also has some maturing to do so that he can truly be the right man for Loris.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Paula.

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