by Jaid Black

March 2006
ISBN: 1-4165-1612-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Trade Paperback

Madalyn Simons is in a slump, a downward spiral, a nose dive. The A list actress has had it with mediocre parts with even worse dialogue in big budget flops. She has decided to abandon the fake smiles, fake tans, ulterior motives and glamour for a more realistic fulfilling life beyond Hollywood. So she buys some land in a remote Alaskan village and settles in to live a more average lifestyle. Things are going relatively well until she accidentally photographs a group of fur clad throwbacks to the Viking age.

Throwbacks they may be but little does Madalyn know that where these warriors come from the Viking age never came to an end. Moreover, the man of her dreams has come to claim her for his own.

Jaidís latest Viking romance makes this Valkyrie cry out in celebration! Deep, Dark and Dangerous is a sensual delight peopled with the alpha heroes common to Jaidís stories. Love them or hate them, these Viking warriors sure do know how to curl a girlís toes. There isnít a dull moment to be found in this sexy romp so donít hesitate to run out for your copy.


Reviewed in February 2006 by Cynthia.

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