by Maria Greene

April 2002
ISBN: 0821772376
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Cassie is left living in Wenthaven when her young brother-in-law, Dylan, inherits it. Unfortunately for both of them, the house is in a poor state of repair. Although Cassie realizes that she must work with Dylan to improve the place, her disastrous marriage left her wary of men - especially Dylan, whom she sees as being very much like her husband, a gambler of the worst sort!

I was totally delighted with this story. It is funny with a mystery attached and interesting characters; a nasty villain and a rascally old ghost who needs Cassie to solve a mystery so he can rest in peace! For over one hundred and fifty years, he has been trying to get someone to solve his mystery and since no one has paid any heed to him, he is getting desperate. This leads to some very funny scenes where he makes objects move, send chilly draughts in corridors etc.! In spite of all the ghostly trouble he causes, Cassie still doesnít believe in ghosts....

There are many secondary characters to the story though it seems unfair to call them secondary, as they are all wonderfully rich people in their own right. Not a character is wasted in the story; from the self-important constable to the delightfully eccentric elderly twins whom Cassie has given shelter to. I couldnít put this book down and will read it again just to revisit these delightful people. Maria Greene not only knows how to write an exciting story but she makes her characters so real you feel you know them by the end of the book.

Romance has not been forgotten either. A fair amount of passion smoulders between Cassie and Dylan and, for a double dose of romance, there is Dylanís foppish friend Edward, who falls in love with the villainís sweet daughter and constantly bemoans the pain of unfulfilled love! There is also an extra little puzzle of the baby left on the doorstep who steals Cassieís heart.

I loved every page of this story. Go and get yourself a copy you wonít be disappointed.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Mary.

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