by Cornelia Amiri

February 2006
ISBN: 1-58749-540-6
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Two years after Nesta's husband, Gwydion, dies she refuses to remarry and is unmoved by the many suitors that come to woo her from far and wide. Her niece Enid is constantly despairing of her auntís situation and wishes to see her married again as soon as possible.

Mabon is young Arthurís right-hand man. He is a fierce and noble warrior who has no time for wooing but he finds himself distinctly pulled to the equally fierce warrior woman by the name of Nesta. When Mabon and Arthur arrive in Tauton en route to Silchester for Arthurís naming as chief to all Celtic people Nesta decides to follow them.

Nesta senses an attraction between herself and Mabon from the start. Mabon fears he is not good enough for Nesta the warrior Princess, and struggles against his growing attraction. He is scarred and is not of noble blood. The sudden appearance of Gwydionís ghost plagues Mabon and adds a new twist to the plot.

The Vixen Princess was an interesting story that I found agreeable. The characters were simple and it was easy to identify with the humor involved in the story telling. Nesta and Mabon had undeniable chemistry and were obviously destined for one another. This is one exhilarating read that will not fail to disappoint.

Reviewed in May 2006 by Kelly-Anne.

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