by Amy J. Fetzer

April 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7218-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Connal PenDragon returns to his Irish homeland after a few years away fighting for King Richard. He is a trusted knight whom the King wants to marry off to Sinead to claim the family estates for his royal coffers. But Sinead wants to marry only for love; and although she loved Connal as a younger girl, she had become bitter over his betrayal. And Sinead is more than an Irish Princes who is also the head of her clan - she is also a witch.

This is a very powerful story. Sinead is one of the strongest heroines I have encountered in a long time. It is not only the fact that she is a witch that makes her so strong, it is also the strong belief in herself and the Irish people.

Her witchcraft is practised throughout the story. She can disappear at will, change shape if need be and also see events before they happen through her dreams. She has inherited her gift from her mother. However, the witchcraft in this story isnít about casting nasty spells on people; it is used only to do well to others. Sinead wants Connalís love and the passion between them makes the story fairly crackly with the tension because Sinead will only surrender for love. But there is more to it than Sinead sees - Connal feels if he gives his heart he will put Sinead in danger. He also finds her witchcraft difficult to come to terms with.

There are many villains in this book. Sinead and Connal are in grave danger many times, and placed in situations where their courage and bravery are highlighted.

It was a very turbulent time in Irish history, and Amy J. Fetzer handles it well. She has researched the history of this period, a time before religion came to Ireland and Paganism was practised. I found the story interesting and well-written. And although I understand that this is the third book in a trilogy, the story of Connal and Sinead stands very well on its own.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Mary.

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