by Kristin Hannah

March 2006
ISBN: 0-345-46752-3
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Women fiction fans are going to be overjoyed that one of their favorite authors has released a new book. Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah is a story that should tug at readerís heartstrings.

Dr. Julia Cates was at the height of career success when tragedy struck. One of her young patients went on a rampage and killed several of her peers and herself. The tragedy has left Julia in the midst of a lawsuit, which could result in Julia, being at least partially liable for the tragedy. It also leaves not only Julia but also her clientele wondering about her competency.

Just as Julia is bout to hit rock bottom a strange thing happens back in her hometown. A young girl is found hiding high up in a tree cuddling a wolf. Once the police chief, who happens to be Juliaís sister captures the girl and hospitalizes her she is left wondering how to communicate with a child who seems to fear all human contact, and has no communication skills.

She calls the one person she feels con communicate with the girl. She calls Julia. Julia packs up and heads home. She is not feeling capable of helping the girl, but does realize that she is the girlís best hope at ever having a normal life. While Julia is working to communicate with the child she eventually names Alice, her sister is working to uncover the mystery of whom the child actually is, and what has happened to her in her young life.

As Magic Hour develops, the story evolves into one of learning to trust and love. It is not only Alice, who learns this, but Julia, and her sister Ellie as well. As previously stated Magic Hour is a book of deep emotions, and I believe the lesson learned after reading is that if someone believes in love deeply enough that love truly does conquer all.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Sandi.

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