by Anthology

October 2005
ISBN: 0-505-52657-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Christmas Cards from the Edge is an entertaining anthology with contributions from three very talented authors. They are Lisa Cach, Jennifer Ashley, and Naomi Neale. Previously I had read Ashley and Neale, but Cach was a new to me author.

Lisa Cach leads off this anthology with a story entitled Return To Sender. Tessa lives in Seattle, and shares a house with a PHD candidate, Lauren. Laurenís Scottish cousin is in Seattle on business. He needs a place to stay and a ride to the airport. Lauren asks Tessa if she will provide the ride, and Tessa agrees. However, morning comes and Tessa sleeps through the alarm, causing Ian to miss his flight. What will happen next? Will Tessa abandon Ian to the hotel industry in Seattle or will she come to his rescue and offer him the comforts of her home? What happens next makes for an enjoyable read.

The Single Girls Guide to Christmas by Jennifer Ahsley uses humor to try to make women who are unattached feel better about spending the holiday alone. Angel Sullivan went to New York to make a name for herself. She has had a successful career as a magazine columnist, and has just published her first book. After spending a horrific 10 minutes being interviewed on television by Penny McDermott she decides that maybe she would like to spend Christmas with her family for the first time in several years.

Coming home, she finds the entire extended family has descended upon her parentís home. She must deal not only with her parents and with siblings, but also with assorted nieces and nephews, an eccentric cousin named Cherise, and her great uncle Mike who has escaped from the local jail. The last person she expects to see is Sean, a young man she abandoned when she went to pursue her dreams.

Angel gets more for Christmas than she expects, and readers get a fun entertaining story, from an author that I think is definitely worth watching.

The final story is O Little Town of Kettlebean by Naomi Neale. Here Iíll be honest and say I wasnít looking forward to reading this story because I hadnít cared for a single title release I had read by Neale. This story quite pleasantly surprised me, and had me laughing at the antics of the Mendez family who wanted to be sure that they presented the best Christmas pageant ever. From the strength of this story, alone I would be willing to try another story from Ms. Neale.

It might not be Christmas, but if youíre like me, and can never have a big enough TBR pile, then I suggest looking and seeing if you can add Christmas Cards From The Edge for when the mood to get into the Christmas spirit strikes. Better to be prepared than to not have a good Christmas book when the mood hits.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Sandi.

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