by Dorice Nelson

February 2002
ISBN: 1-931696-83-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Novel Books Inc.
Trade Paperback

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Ms. Nelson once again shows her exceptional writing skills in weaving a tale that comes alive, full of adventure, vivid descriptions, passions, war, battles both physical and emotional, and characters that are very memorable and unforgettable. Set in the medieval days of 852 A.D. Gael (Ireland), the story immediately pulls you into its realistic atmosphere and keeps you hooked until the last page, showing an era where survival was brutal conquest and love was more passionate than the love for life itself.

Kellach is a strong willed, courageous heroine determined to fight for what she needs and save her people from the invading Norsemen. Her fate as Queen and then as slave only strengthens her resolve and marks her as a woman strong enough to face the horrendous battles life is throwing at her while she searches for her kidnapped mother in order to remove a Druid curse placed on her.

Bruic the Badger has only two goals --- rescue his kidnapped twin sons from a Norseman and find his lost siblings. He is a man fighting inner demons of his own, and forced to betray his own people to attain those goals. When he meets Kellach the attraction between them is passionate from the first moment on. But danger, death, betrayal, lies, mystery, and brutal life itself will come between them before all is resolved.

Both Bruic and Kellach will have to face their own demons and guilt before they can accept their destined love and the path will be fraught with harsh challenges and loss.

Ms. Nelsonís vivid portrayal of a Viking Ireland is stark and realistic, a compelling read that will keep the reader turning those pages, laugh and cry with all the problems Kellach and Bruic face, and then wish there was more to the story once you finish that last page.

A definitely-highly recommended book!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Kari.

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