by Kay Stockham

October 2005
ISBN: 0-373-71307-x
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1307
Mass Market Paperback

When a riding accident leaves Seth Rowland in a wheelchair, his brother Jake puts his life on hold and moves to Sethís ranch with his wife, Maura and young daughter Lexie until Seth can recover. Jake feels itís the right thing to do especially since Seth helped him out when he and Maura were first married and Lexie came along unexpectedly. To insure that they both graduated from college Seth helped out both financially as well as personally by taking care of Lexie. Jake just hadnít counted on his brother being so angry and disinterested in his recovery process.

Seth has gone through six therapists in a short amount of time and Jake is at the end of his rope as to how to help his brother start caring about living again. Jake decides to ask his friend Grace Korbit to come and help Seth get back on track. She can be instrumental in helping Seth make a full recovery if anyone can. After much persuasion from Jake, Grace agrees to try and help Seth out.

Grace and Seth had a relationship ten years ago until Grace up and left town with out so much as a word to Seth. Grace has many secrets in her past and they include the reason she walked out on Seth all those years ago. To this day she doesnít feel she can share these things with anyone.

To say that Seth is less than thrilled to see Grace again is an understatement. Seth is angry at the world for the hand he has been dealt and lashes out at all those around him including Grace. Is she strong enough to overlook Sethís taunting and uncooperativeness and help him begin the road to recovery?

In her first release, Montana Secrets, Kay Stockham has written a story that will touch her readerís hearts and stay with them long after the last page has been turned. Seth and Grace are both strong characters with many emotional issues to face. They both have emotional challenges to overcome and are depicted in a very real light by the author. Secondary characters of Jake, Maura and Lexie are interesting as well and add a great depth to this story.

Ms. Stockham does an excellent job of drawing the reader into her story and making them care about her characters and the outcome of this story. With an interesting and believable plot and amazingly memorable characters Montana Secrets is a story that will long be remembered. Kay Stockham knows how to invoke her readerís emotions to the fullest. Be sure and have a box of Kleenex nearby when reading this one. Ms. Stockham is definately a new author to watch. I am looking forward to her future works. Montana Secrets could well be one of the best of the Superromance series offerings this year. If you like stories that invoke your emotions be sure and pick up a copy of Montana Secrets soon.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Barbara.

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