by Amanda Scott

November 2005
ISBN: 0-446-61668-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Scottish Highlands near Glenelg, July 1379

Strong-willed and free-spirited Lady Isobel MacLeod has never allowed anyone to dictate to her what she can or cannot do. Isobel has no desire to marry... ever! Not after first hand experience with her over powering father, and her intimidating brother-in-law! Isobel is free, and will remain so, until she must intervene upon a terrible beating that was unfolding right before her eyes on her family lands.

Coming to the rescue of Sir Michael St. Clair of Rosslyn Castle puts Isobel in a compromising position. Isobel is single handedly responsible for helping Michael escape the clutches of his bitter enemy, his cousin Waldron. Although completely innocent in wrong doings, because Isobel was forced to spend the night alone with the badly injured and near naked knight, she has been "ruined". However, Isobel steadfastly refuses Sir Michael's suit, even after her family insists she accept. Much to Michael's dismay at Isobel's refusal he makes to leave, but Isobel again finds herself compromised in a situation with Michael, and this time has no choice but to marry the noble knight. Michael is so much different then the men Isobel has known in her family. Although powerfully built and trained as a fierce warrior, Michael is kind and soft spoken, even when Isobel stirs his anger and his passions! Perhaps Isobel has been misguided in her feelings on the subject of men and marriage. Nevertheless, as Michael and Isobel start out on their wedded life together, the relentless pursuit of the enemy endangers their lives, their newfound love, and hinders their quest for a long lost Templar treasure that Michael and his family have sought for years.

Exhilarating mystery and suspense awaits you in Amanda Scott’s Prince of Danger. Reuniting the reader with past heroes and heroines from previous Amanda Scott books, gives Prince of Danger an even more thrilling facet for enjoyment. Lady Isobel is a very capable heroine who can rely on her wits and teachings of her mentor and brother-in-law, Hector the Ferocious in dealing with circumstances she is thrown in while trying to rescue Sir Michael. Michael, unlike what Isobel has come to expect from men, can fight when necessary, and yet still be tender and kind. A bit long in the tooth at some parts of the story, but a worthwhile read for anyone who loves the allure of the legendary Knights Templar.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Bonnie.

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