by Dorice Nelson

January 2001
ISBN: 1-931696-98-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Novel Books Inc.
Trade Paperback

Readers of the Historical Romance genre will love this first book by author Dorice Nelson, and won’t be surprised to know that it was voted BEST HISTORICAL ROMANCE 2001, BEST e-ROMANCE 2001, and was a Finalist NOTABLE NEW AUTHORS Award 2001. It has everything; rich history, vivid descriptions, authentic tone of the 1650 era in Scotland, action-packed scenes, strong memorable characters, and a fantastic fast-paced plot that makes it a book that will have a special place on a reader’s ‘keeper shelf’.

Gerek’s life has been a battle, both emotionally and physically. He’s earned the nickname “The Beast of Battle” and wants nothing more than to take his rightful seat as Laird, the Gunn of Killearnan, of the Gunn Clan. But a decree set by his grandfather has him facing the unwanted law of having to marry before he turns thirty. Harsh circumstances in his life taught him the hard lesson of never trusting a woman and Gerek rebels against the decree.

Catriona MacFarr’s life has been just as harsh as Gerek’s --- though in a different way. Her father and brothers were cruel, treating her like a low chattel. Her life’s desire was to get away from them and live her own life. When she’s told she’s to marry The Beast of Battle she rebels and runs away.

Gerek and Catriona meet and along with fighting their inner demons they also fight each other. Their chemistry is passionate and as strong as their Scottish tempers, weaving in and out of the story as they come together, are torn apart, fight obstacles --- both human and external battles ---and come back together again. Amidst jealousy, secrecy, intrigue, peril and danger, Cat and Gerek face incredible odds and constant challenges to finally find love.

Ms. Nelson has an incredibly wonderful writing talent and her words bring to life the 1650’s of Scotland, painting a picture that is both realistic and unforgettable, and penning a love story between two characters who will be remembered long after the book is finished. A highly recommended book!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Kari.

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