by Lily Ashford

September 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-165-X
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Kat Berkley has it bad for her boss, Blake Richards. Heís sexy, intelligent, and full of charisma and Kat wants him like sheís never wanted a man before. But as an intern at his law firm, a relationship between them would be strictly prohibited. Kat however has never been one to play by the rules. She wants Blake and rules or no rules, sheís determined to get her man.

Whenever Kat walks into a room, all Blake can see are the smoldering looks she sends his way. Sheís a fiery tigress and he wants her. A surprise kiss between the two leads to more than either could ever have bargained for. Soon, they are knees deep in each otherís lives and loving it. But thereís still the law firm to consider and what it could do to both of their careers should the affair be discovered. Will they find that the rewards of their burgeoning love far outweigh the risks being together involves?

Hot Pursuit is a pretty straightforward romance. Girl and guy meet and instant attraction ensue. However, where Hot Pursuit differs is in the role reversal of these characters. Blake is the romantic and tender love, while Kat is the dominant woman of many a manís fantasies. Though aggressive in the boardroom, when it comes to matters of the heart, Blake is more than willing to let Kat take charge, and what I found to be so enthralling, is the fact that he really enjoyed it. He liked being dominated and knowing that Kat was definitely woman enough to handle all facets of his personality. As their characters are fleshed out, the reader will really get a sense that these are two protagonists who break the mold of many a typical romance story. Watching their personalities clash in the bedroom and at work is what is so much fun about this story.

If you enjoy stories where the female character isnít afraid to take the sexual initiative or to explore her own sexual boundaries, youíll definitely enjoy Hot Pursuit. Itís a bit of a new spin on your average romance story.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Sarah.

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