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September 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-155-2
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Ring of Fire by Paige Burns is the story about Princess Damia, the third daughter. Damia has been sent to a rainforest in Latin America where she sees Mateo De’Acosta and decides she’ll get him to fall in love with her! Mateo is in Latin America studying the effects of a possible volcanic eruption on the behavior of animals and the health of plants. His grant runs out in a couple of months so he doesn’t have much time left! Damia pretends to be the assistant he requested even though she has no clue about what he’s doing!

Jodi Lynn Copeland takes us Into the Arctic. Albinia, the Faerie of Symmetry and second daughter, finds herself on Earth in the Arctic Tundra - an area she’s always been fascinated with. In her journeys, she meets Flinn and feels an instant attraction. While Flinn feels the same attraction, he knows nothing can ever come of it. He has a secret that makes it impossible or so he thinks!

Luck of the Draw by Rae Monet gives us the story of Nortia, the eldest daughter and the faerie of Luck, who finds herself living in a small coastal town in France. After months of living there, she finds herself in need of money! So she heads up the coast to a casino – owned by yummy Brice Ranger! Once Brice see’s Nortia, he instantly wants to make her his – but first he wants to know how she’s winning! How does she tell him she’s a faerie?

Tiger by The Tail by Tiffany Aaron takes us to Alida, the faerie of Song. Time is running out – she only has a week to find her mate. With her career as a singer, it’s difficult to weed out the men that want her for herself…or as a star! After a concert, she heads to the hotel bar and meets a man. Cyno Wellington was at the concert but Alida doesn’t know that! They have awesome sex but then Baxter comes to get Alida. She has a situation – a stalker that terrifies her – so she leaves, not knowing she left something very important to her behind! Cyno can’t get the woman out of his mind and, while he needs to see her again to return her property, he has a huge secret that may hinder any type of relationship with her! Can they see their way to a happily-ever-after?

A Faerie Tale by Paige Burns, Jodi Lynn Copeland, Rae Monet and Tiffany Aaron is an anthology that tells the stories of the Faerie King Lucraxious VII four daughters and the “deal” made between himself and the Ogre King. In make sure this “deal” never has to be fulfilled, the King sends his daughters to “four corners of the World” with instructions to search and find men that will love them “for themselves” and marry. I haven’t read many books with faeries in them but this is one that I would recommend! I thought the authors did an excellent job. The stories were well-written, the sex scorching and a very hot happily-ever-after for everyone!

Reviewed in February 2006 by PamL.

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