by Sabrina Jeffries

March 2006
ISBN: 1-4165-1608-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lady Amelia Plume longs for adventure. The ballrooms and teas of London do not satisfy her craving for excitement, but meeting Major Lucas Winter, an American in London, certainly does. Lucas is on the hunt for some information regarding Dorothy Frier, alias, Dolly Smith, the woman who just happens to be Ameliaís stepmother. Curious and strangely attracted to the gruff American, Amelia knows what her new adventure will be: discovering what Lucas wants with Dolly.

Major Lucas Winter canít believe it when the tempting and beautiful Lady Amelia Plume falls like a ripe plum into his hands. Her flirtations glances and witty repartee entice him, but he must keep his wits about him. He knows Amelia may just be the lead he needs in discovering Dorothy Frier and then, taking his revenge. Ostensibly on a diplomatic mission for America, Lucasís true goal is to discover the whereabouts of his stolen fortune.

His efforts at reaching his goal however are constantly hindered by his growing attraction to Amelia. He thought he only wanted her for her connection to Dolly, but Lucas soon wants her for himself. He wants her tempting body, her laughter and her intelligence. But can a man so disillusioned by life and by the British in particular, ever find any true measure of happiness with an Englishwoman, especially when his original goal was to use her for nefarious purposes?

Sabrina Jeffries starts off her The School for Heiresses series with a rousing and romantic romp through London and beyond. The feisty and provocative Amelia seems a bit out of place in staid and rule-based England, contrasting sharply with the typical Regency setting. This fact aside though, Amelia proves to be a dynamic and courageous heroine whose enjoyable spying antics make her more than a match for the tenacious and brusque Lucas. Though his goals donít start off as the most pleasant of ways to fall in love, he nonetheless shines as a hero who has past scars and heavy burdens to deal with. The contrast of light and happy Amelia and the more cautious Lucas proves to be a perfect match as they light sparks off each other in this enjoyable historical romance. Sabrina Jeffries never disappoints and Never Seduce a Scoundrel is another delicious offering from this fantastic writer.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Sarah.

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