by Olivia Gates

October 2005
ISBN: 0-373-51377-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #63
Mass Market Paperback

Calista St. James is a radical doctor that at one time was a part of a special ops team. Now she is no longer on that team, but in more ways than one, she is still doing dangerous missions in the inner cities and all over the world. She has her own team now and they will stop at nothing to help those in need.

Calista canít believe the phone call she received, not after everything she had been put through. She tried to save lives but instead of saving more lives, she cost three of the operatives their lives. Sheís had to deal with that as well as getting over the heartbreak of falling for the person who trained her in combat and the leader for that mission, De Luna.

Now the very people who didnít want her after that mission,want her for another one that only someone as radical as she is with her team can pull off. Of course, she set some demands thinking they would not meet them, but they did and the person to tell her is none other than De Luna.

Now her team and De Lunaís are traveling into the heart of Russian territory that is controlled by militants. Will they succeed in getting to the camp without too many struggles along the way? What about when they get to the camp, just what will they find? Will they be able to locate the missing doctors?

The attraction between Calista and De Luna is there from the beginning. We get to learn why Calista is the way she is today and her struggles that she has faced and what she has done in order to save the less fortunate. De Luna, well, he is the typical male, trying to protect her, even though he knows what she is capable of and can take care of herself, remember he trained her in combat.

Iím sorry to say that I didnít enjoy this story as much as I have some of the other Bombshell books. Yes, the heroine is feisty and definitely knows how to take care of herself and doesnít let anyone push her around. The two teams are quirky and can laugh in the face of danger, which helps with the stress, and danger they have to deal with. But for me the book just didnít hold my attention that well and I canít pinpoint exactly why. The story just seemed to drag by, which is sort of hard to believe with all the action that took place in the story. Even though I didnít enjoy Strong Medicine, I will give the next book in the series a try.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Pam.

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