by Ellen Henderson

October 2005
ISBN: 0-373-51378-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #64
Mass Market Paperback

Violet is missing five days from her life; she doesnít know what happened to them, but she is determined to find out. She is hoping the police will help but she doesnít have any luck with them. Sheís noticed a few things about herself since she woke up, she canít seem to eat enough, she is constantly hungry and she doesnít know why.

It appears there might be some people that can tell her why she disappeared for those days and they want to help her but in return she will help them out with a mission. Can she trust this group of people to help her? Can they also protect her against the people who seem to be after her?

It seems that Jackson is the lucky person from Gideon Enterprises who gets to help her train and try to keep her safe from those who had her for those five days and did the experiment on her. Violet doesnít know her strength or what she can actually do, and Jackson is there to try to keep her focused on her new abilities.

Violet isnít happy with the torturous training that Jackson is putting her through. She despises him but also is attracted to him and the funny thing is she feels safe with him. Now Jackson on the other hand, we canít tell too much other than he might have some feelings for her, it does show up every now and then.

Can Violet use the training from Jackson and the rest of Gideon Enterprises and make the mission a success? If the mission is a success will she still want to have her super abilities? Can she learn to control them?

Ultra Violet is the first book by Ellen Henderson. From this first book, Iím looking forward to more books by her. Ultra Violet is about good overcoming evil. The story is filled with intrigue, violence, danger, and a whole lot more. Iím hoping we will be seeing more stories about Violet and Gideon Enterprises. With the cast of secondary characters, there is a lot of potential for more stories and about just what type of trouble Violet can find herself in.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Pam.

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