by Stephanie Laurens

March 2006
ISBN: 0-06-084084-6
Reviewer Graphic Button William Morrow

After thirteen novels about the Cynster family, one might assume that author Stephanie Laurens would run out of themes, characters and plot lines. One might think that any new book would simply borrow bits and pieces from the previous ones. Those assumptions would be wrong.

After helping his cousin Felicity in A Rogueís Proposal, Dillon Caxton gave up his wild ways. He has labored to restore his reputation, and has been allowed to carry on his fatherís role as steward of the Breeding Register - the key to thoroughbred racing in England. He is honored to have this position of trust after his youthful scandal, and he will go to any lengths to protect his heritage. When rumors of a new plot reach him, he is determined to rout out the villains before any race-tampering can occur.

Lady Priscilla Dalloway is troubled. After her father and brother had their last fight, Russ packed his bags and left the estate, determined to prove that he could earn his own living working with racehorses. She has received a cryptic letter from Russ, indicating that he has learned of a plot to tamper with some races, and is determined to stop it. She has not heard from her twin brother since.

Her only course of action is to travel to Newmarket and rescue him. In order to learn more about the scam, she must learn more about horse racing, and shows a keen interest in the Breeding Register. This makes her a prime suspect in Dillonís investigation. Once their initial distrust wears off, this dazzling couple joins forces to thwart the villains.

What Price Love? has more twists than a Gordian knot and more turns than the Grand Prix. Readers will fall instantly into the well-woven plot. Putting the book down is not an option. Ms. Laurens has outdone herself - again - with her latest endeavor. And since she is so adept at conjuring up new scenarios, I am hoping there is a book in the works for Barnaby Adair, who was a key character in this novel.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Paula.

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