by Julie Kenner

February 2006
ISBN: 0-7434-9614-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Downtown Press
Trade Paperback

After her best friend had to fight for her life, Jennifer Crane never imagined that she would have to do the same. But Jennifer is now faced with the very real problem of having to play bodyguard to FBI agent Devlin Brady if they both want to live. But the man she meets is not the same man she met when her friend was in trouble. This Devlin Brady is a much more somber man. Jennifer finds herself falling for him more and more as they race around solving the clues that are given to them that will halt the game.

Devlin Brady could care less about surviving the threat to his life now that he is suspended from the FBI pending an investigation into his partnerís death. But when it becomes apparent that his life is not the only one in danger he becomes determined to protect the life of Jennifer Crane, his self proclaimed protector. Devlin finds himself becoming attached to Jennifer as they struggle to survive the game theyíve been thrust into.

The Manolo Matrix was a fast paced, witty delight. Devlinís disillusionment with life is touching and will have readers yearn to provide the comfort that he is in so much need of. Jennifer is a vibrant person that will lift the spirits of all who become acquainted with her and will have readers cheering her involvement with Devlin. Julie Kenner is an utter joy to read and I always look forward to reading her work, The Manolo Matrix was no disappointment and will have readers trying to help solve the clues in order to assist these two fantastic characters survive.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Claudia.

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