by Judith B. Glad

June 2002
ISBN: 1-931696-63-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Novel Books Inc.
Trade Paperback

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Improbable Solution is a paranormal romance that is uniquely different from other stories wrote in this genre. And just as her very creative writing style shows in the other genres she writes --- Western-Romance, Contemporary-Romance, Historical-Romance, Regency-Romance --- Ms. Glad takes a intriguing plot, two ordinary people, magic and love, and turns it into a fantastic read.

Whiterock, Oregon has something no other town does; something in the soil, something alive. There’s a ‘magic’ that just won’t let the town die and become an uninhabited ghost town. And against the odds, willing or not, the hero Gus Loring and heroine Sally Carruthers will play the major role in keeping the town ‘alive’.

Both Gus and Sally have ‘inner demons’ they have to face, and as the town ‘strengthens’ it realizes that it’s due to the progressing love developing between the two. To further strengthen, the town ‘enhances’ the sexual feelings between Gus and Sally and ‘it’ gradually, healthily grows just as their love does. But Sally and Gus still have past issues to deal with despite their love. Will they resolve them or walk away from each other and Whiterock?

This was a fascinating, fast paced story written with vivid details and very real-life characters. Gus and Sally are ‘just ordinary people’ yet this is what made them so interesting and so real. The reader is immediately drawn into the story and their lives. As their love progresses, so does the mystery of the town’s story, weaving a wonderful ‘sit-back-and-read-the-afternoon-away book’ and I found myself surprised when I realized I’d read the whole book in one sitting!

Readers will be drawn in with the realistic dialogue, the vivid imagery, the unique plot, and be kept guessing. Gradual ‘changes’ of the town will be easily missed if you’re not careful. And an ending that is a total surprise will leave the reader hoping there’s another story in the future! Highly recommended for lovers of paranormal romances!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Kari.

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