by Becky Barker

January 2002
ISBN: 1-84360-155-9
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Ellora’s Cave Publishing is releasing the three out-of-print Precious Gems titles of Becky Barker’s Prescott Series/The Prescott Triplets. All three books will be revised and reissued in one hardback anthology later this year in order to complete the original series. Available now in ebook, Born to Fly is the first book.

Heroine Sharla Prescott is a charter pilot for the privately owned Prescott family airlines. The family business and home is located on a Virginia plantation. Sharla loves her career, and though mother Belle (the very embodiment of the ‘southern belle’!)has tried to raise her daughters in the ‘proper southern’ way despite their chosen careers, Sharla is a determined young woman wanting to devote her life to her career and won’t let romance come between that career and her private life.

U.S. Marshall Reed Connors isn’t happy with the very volatile reactions that he and Sharla have each time their paths cross. He doesn’t want any entanglements, and has no plans for a relationship that could become permanent. So when a special undercover assignment, in which he is playing ‘decoy’, leaves him no choice but to charter a Prescott plane, he is even more disgruntled to accept that Sharla will be the pilot.

They both realize their attraction is merely physical and try to fight it every step of the way. But when an unexpected snow and ice storm forces their plane down, Sharla and Reed are stranded in a too-close, very intimate confines of a cabin. And the volatile emotions boil over.

Sharla’s emotions are in turmoil, leaving her feeling insecure, vulnerable, and dependent on someone else for the first time in her life. Reed is a forbidden promise of ‘paradise’ - and a threat to her sanity and career.

Reed is convinced he can’t offer Sharla a fulfilling future and has to fight his ‘inner demons’ as well as his raging hormones and feelings for the one woman he desires above all else.

And when their passions ignite into love, both are left doubting the permanency of such a relationship. Will Sharla accept the inevitable --- her career might come in the way of love--- or will she choose her ‘life’s passion’ over that fragile love? Will Reed have enough faith that their love is strong enough to overcome all the obstacles he sees in their way?

Ms. Barker is a talented, creative author that writes a passionate love story interwoven in the very real-life situations that can become obstacles in the paths of the hero and heroine. Born to Fly is a sizzling love story that will always be a ‘keeper’ on readers’ shelves.

The second book, Logan's Lady, is the story of Sharla’s sister Dee.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Kari.

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