by Dolores J. Wilson

December 2005
ISBN: 1-932815-41-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Medallion Press
Mass Market Paperback

The year is 1876 and Cassie Riley thinks that her husband, Bobby Lee Riley has gone off to meet up with General Custer and be a part of the Seventh Cavalry. He not only leaves Cassie but their son Joey. A neighboring rancher, Hank Caldwell has wanted the farm for a very long time but Cassie cannot sell it unless Bobby Lee can sign the paperwork. Cassie has no money, no horse and everything she owns needs repair. She has kept a journal for years and pours her heart out into it, her worries, heartaches and the love for her child. Her best friend Lucy Darby and her husband do their best to look out for Cassie. They have sent a man who can help her with the upkeep on the farm. She cannot pay him but the barn has a roof over it and he can sleep in there. After some discussion Daniel Lucas, also known as Doc will be staying in the barn. Doc has a past that he cannot seem to let go of. Will Cassie be able to help him? Also where is Bobby Lee? Will Cassieís brother, Stuart, be able to help her?

The year is 2005! The five year old son of Dr. Daniel Lucas, Joey, sits next to a hospital bed and looks at his fatherís patient. They are not even sure of her name but a gold necklace that was inscribed with the name Cassie was found on her, so she is known as Cassie. No last name for she was found at the side of a road and left for dead. Who did it? At this time there are no answers. She has been comatose for a while now. When the police hear from someone who is describing Cassie they bring him to see her. It is her brother Stuart who has the answers to most of the questions for the police. It seems as if Cassie was once married to an abusive man. After three years of marriage she is making a new start. Her ex-husband Bobby Lee Riley cannot be located. His father has told the police he has gone to Canada.

Eleven months ago Joey lost his mother, Julie and Dr. Lucas were hoping that Joey could give Cassie enough love by talking to her, and that she could return to the conscious world. Joey sits and tells her about his Mom and how she is an angel watching over them. Joey loves cowboy stories and he begins to tell them to Cassie. Joey feels connected to Cassie and so does his dad, Dr. Lucas. Both are hoping she wakes up soon, for the body will do what it can to heal itself. There is talk of placing her in a nursing home but that may not have happen if Stuart can finish up his rodeo job and come back to take care of Cassie.

While Joey was visiting Cassie he had fallen and hurt his arm. In Cassieís comatose sleep she hears her son Joey crying. Waking up she tries to reach out to him but discovered that she canít. Daniel walks into the room, but something is not right. They look the same but the surroundings are not 1876. Not able or wanting to ask questions she just watches. For her own safety, the autorities decide that Cassie will stay with Daniel and Joey. She has lost that part of her memory so until the police can find some answers and Stuart can return she will be safe.

Cassie cannot understand why she feels so connected to this man and his son. What do the future and present have in common? The names are all the same but the time is not. She has many questions but keeps them to herself. Who has the answer? Is it Daniel, Stuart, Joey or maybe Joey's grandmother? And what about Bobby Lee, the one from 1876 as well as the one from 2005. The answers are written not only in a journal but played out to the very last page.

I enjoyed Little Big Heart. I found the love that is shared between all characters to be very trusting and unquestioned. Dolores J. Wilson has written a story that makes you feel what the characters are feeling. Her expressions are great and I would recommend this book to my friends.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Theresa.

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